Future Makers Fellowship

6 months, 5 Mar - 31 Aug 2018 Australia wide See the intensive program

Supercharge your POTENTIAL | Clarify your PURPOSE | Build your TRIBE

The future is not yet written. And we're not standing by waiting for it to happen. We're engaging our minds, opening our hearts and getting our hands dirty.

We are changemakers. We are purpose-driven leaders. We are community connectors. We are political influencers. We are storytellers. We are social entrepreneurs. We are pro-equality and pro-diversity. We are environmentalists. We are f**kgivers. We are Future Makers.

Join us. We're calling for Expressions of Interest for the Fellowship!


  • We help you supercharge your POTENTIAL - because right now, we need you standing tall with a positive vision of the future and the confidence and capability to make it happen. You bring the passion and commitment, and we'll bring the 'transformative process for developing individual and collective leadership capability in the 21st Century' (but we promise we'll leave the jargon at the door)!
  • We help you clarify your PURPOSE - because really knowing 'why' is the best way to sharpen 'what' you do and 'how' you do it. Through reflection and mindfulness, we help you find what's at the centre of your being. What drives and motivates you? What frustrates you? What turns you on? That's where this program starts.
  • We help you build your TRIBE - because no one can change the world on their own (and it's much less fun that way anyway). We'll link you with great guest speakers, mentors and coaches. You'll build beautiful connections with a new community of Fellows. And you'll also become part of our growing and increasingly influential network of over 600 amazing alumni.

What alumni say

Immersive, supportive, propelling.

HARRIET WATTS, The Fortynine Studio
Harriet Watts SydFP16 copy

What Future Makers looks like

In 2018, the Future Makers Fellowship included

  • Three immersive retreats that enable you to learn while connecting with yourself, others and nature
  • Six workshops to build on the learning of the retreats, keeping you connected and on track with your goals
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Mentoring, learning circles and peer-support
  • Access to industry thought-leaders and change-makers Australia-wide: including speakers, mentors, and our powerful network of over 600 alumni
  • A cutting-edge curriculum, built on our unique and award-winning format and approach
  • Deep new relationships with a diverse group of 50 like-hearted individuals (your fellow 2018 program participants)


  • Week 1: Pre-program dinners and retreat one

  • Week 2-9: Learning circles, workshops and coaching

  • Week 10: Retreat two

  • Week 11–22: Learning circles, workshops and coaching

  • Week 23: Retreat three and graduation

  • Post-program

    Your Future Makers experience doesn’t end with the conclusion of the Fellowship. As well as joining our thriving alumni network of future makers, we offer access to residential retreats, online learning programs, additional coaching, support, and opportunities to engage with the Future Makers community online and in person.

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Our facilitators are highly skilled in guiding our participants to the top of the leadership mountain.

Matt Wicking copy

Matt Wicking

Melbourne Future Makers Fellowship Facilitator and Alumni

For the past decade, Matt has worked as a sustainability consultant and facilitator specialising in change, strategy and communication. He’s worked with organisations and individuals from all sectors – business, government, the arts, education, science and more – helping them to green their practice, embrace sustainability and communicate clearly. He has a Master's of Environment, plus degrees in Psychology and Commerce. Matt has a particular interest in working with passionate people, and in applying his intellect and intuition equally in what he does.


Leigh Reis

Sydney Future Makers Fellowship Facilitator

Leigh has researched and worked globally in human development and sustainability for over a decade. With diverse cross-cultural insight and depth of awareness of the complexity of the global challenges we face, Leigh holds an integrated, whole-systems worldview: appreciating unity - of our shared humanity and all life on the planet - while celebrating the beauty in diversity. Leigh works as a transformational coach and facilitator, supporting people who care to unleash their creative potential and contribute to the positive evolution of human culture, so that all life may thrive. 

Lina Patel Melb FP

Lina Patel

Melbourne Future Makers Fellowship Co-Facilitator

Lina is a facilitator and collaboration designer. As Chief Operations Officer at Code for Australia, she makes sure all the Code for Australia programs are humming beautifully. She spends most of her time with people and teams who know where they are headed; who aren’t sure how to get there; and are open to iteration. People frikkin love her workshops and meetings.    

Cameron Elliott 2

Cam Elliot

Australia-Wide Future Makers Fellowship Facilitator 

Cam is a Facilitator, Coach and Social Entrepreneur. Founder of the Weekly Service, a weekly curated gathering providing space for dialogue and deeper discussion, Cam is passionate towards supporting authentic leadership, innovation, strategic thinking, and wellbeing in organisations through facilitation and coaching. With a first class honours degree in Behavioural Science, Cam has gone on to facilitate and consult with a number of organisations inspiring individuals to use their unique sets of strengths, abilities and vision to steer humanity towards a thriving society and world.


Alesha Younghusband

General Manager, Melbourne Future Makers Fellowship Manager and Co-facilitator

Alesha has 10 years' experience in the transformative education space and transitioned to the sustainability field from film and video production after being inspired by the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? She has since committed to enabling and building communities that incorporate a safe climate for all species and all generations. She has extensive experience in personal and professional development, with a focus on leadership, team management and teamwork skills and has worked with community groups, universities, NGOs, government and business. Alesha holds Bachelor Degrees in Media Arts (Film and Video) and Social Science (Environment).

Sarah Ladyman Syd FP 2014

Sarah Ladyman

Programs Manager

Sarah is an accountant, teacher, writer, artist and facilitator. She believes in the power of connecting people and empowering them with the skills and knowledge to reach their full potential. She is particularly interested in community as a tool to bring people together and inspire social change. Since completing a Bachelor of Commerce she has worked for and consulted with purpose-driven businesses on strategy, communications, sustainability and financial forecasting. She is on a quest for creative ways of making accounting approachable, intriguing and useful so as to give not-for-profits the same tools as their for-profit cousins.


Our guest speakers are experts in their fields, providing participants with access to crucial knowledge and networks.

Holly Ransom

Holly Ransom

Founder of Emergent

Kat Kimmorley ashoka unilever marketcommunity dec 2014 0

Katerina Kimmorley

Co-Founder of Pollinate Energy and Alumni

Luke Hockley 2

Luke Hockley

Founder of Midnightsky

execteam kelly2 copy2

Kelly O'Shanassy

CEO of Australian Conservation Foundation

Tom dawkins copy

Tom Dawkins

CEO and Co-Founder of StartSomeGood

Who are we looking for?

We look for applicants who have the potential to influence change in a variety of ways, and intentionally recruit for a wide cross section of skills and experience.

We encourage a high degree of diversity of professional backgrounds, industry insights, learning styles, and personality types.

We look for individuals of all ages, who are at any stage of their career, ranging from early on, right through to career changing.

What alumni say

Lina Rico Gomez SydFP16 copy 2

I learnt to focus on specific problems and find tangible solutions

Lina Rico Gomez

Picture copy 2

'People Everywhere Need To Be Leaders To Create The World We Want'

Simone Awramenko

Mo Elleissy MelbFP16 copy

It's crucial to take time in working out your values & learning to make them transferable anywhere!

Mo Elleissy


I want to be able to say “I did everything I could to be part of the solution, and contribute as a change maker towards creating a sustainable world’.

Joanne Tulau


Keep persisting. Keep chipping away. Keep pushing boundaries... and become a boundary rider for change.

Matt Kendall


To help leave the world a better place than we found it for future generations.

Lilli McCubbin


Please read the Participant Fees, Refunds and Cancellation Policy.

Concession fee rates apply to students, those not currently working, or experiencing financial hardship, who provide evidence in the form of a copy of a health care card or a statutory declaration outlining financial hardship.

*Limited numbers available.

Fee does not include travel costs, ticket to Purpose conference or pre-program dinner.

The program’s full value is worth over $15,000 per participant, which is subsidised by our generous and in-kind support.

Please note below are 2018 fee rates.

Fee Type Cost
Early Bird Full Fee – paid within 7 days* of invoicing $7250 + GST
Early Bird Concession Fee – paid within 7 days* of invoicing $6500 + GST
Full Fee – paid within 6 weeks $7750 + GST
Concession Fee – paid within 6 weeks $7000 + GST
Post program option - 3 alumni coaching sessions $712.80 + GST includes 20% discount

Australia Wide

Program dates

Australia wide, 6 months, 5 March to 31 August, 2018

Wednesday evenings 7-9pm online

Event Date
Purpose Conference in Sydney (optional addition) Tuesday 27- Wednesday 28 February
Enrolment Activities Monday 5 March 2018
Pre-Program Dinner Wednesday 21 March 2018
Retreat 1 Regional VIC or NSW Saturday 24 - Tuesday 27 March 2018
Workshop 1 Wednesday 4 April
Learning Circle 1 Wednesday 11 April 2018
Learning Circle 2 Tuesday 24 April
Workshop 2 Wednesday 2 May
Network Night Wednesday 16 May
Retreat 2 Regional Victoria Saturday 26 - Wednesday 30 May
Re-entry Wednesday 6 June
Workshop 3 Wednesday 13 June
Learning Circle 3 Wednesday 20 June
Learning Circle 4 Wednesday 11 July
Workshop 4 Wednesday 18 Juy
Learning Circle 5 Wednesday 1 August
Workshop 5 Wednesday 8 August
Retreat 3 Sydney Friday 24 - Sunday 26 August
Graduation Sunday 26 August


Program Dates

Melbourne, 6 months, 5 March to 31 August, 2018

Tuesday evenings 6-9pm

Event Date
Purpose conference in Sydney (optional addition) 27-28 February 2018
Pre-Program Dinner Monday 19 March
Retreat 1 Regional Victoria Saturday 24 - Tuesday 27 March
Workshop 1 Tuesday 3 April
Learning Circle 1 Tuesday 10 April
Learning Circle 2 Tuesday 24 April
Workshop 2 Tuesday 1 May
Networking Night Tuesday 15 May
Retreat 2 Regional Victoria Saturday 26 - Wednesday 30 May
Re-entry Tuesday 5 June
Workshop 3 Tuesday 12 June
Learning Circle 3 Tuesday 19 June
Learning Circle 4 Tuesday 10 July
Workshop 4 Tuesday 17 July
Learning Circle 5 Tuesday 31 July
Workshop 5 Tuesday 7 August
Retreat 3 Sydney Friday 24 - Sunday 26 August
Graduation Sunday 26 August


Program Dates

Sydney, 6 months, 5 March to 31 August, 2018

Tuesday evenings 6-9pm

Event Date
Purpose conference in Sydney (optional addition) 27-28 February 2018
Pre Program Dinner Tuesday 20 March
Retreat 1 Regional NSW Saturday 24 - Tuesday 27 March
Workshop 1 Tuesday 3 April
Learning Circle 1 Tuesday 10 April
Learning Circle 2 Tuesday 24 April
Workshop 2 Tuesday 1 May
Networking Night Tuesday 15 May
Retreat 2 Regional Victoria Saturday 26 - Wednesday 30 May
Re-entry Tuesday 5 June
Workshop 3 Tuesday 12 June
Learning Circle 3 Tuesday 19 June
Learning Circle 4 Tuesday 10 July
Workshop 4 Tuesday 17 July
Learning Circle 5 Tuesday 31 July
Workshop 5 Tuesday 7 August
Retreat 3 Sydney Friday 24 - Sunday 26 August
Graduation Sunday 26 August

Frequently asked questions

Many people have questions. We frequently have answers.

What are the guiding principles that make the program unique?

- We facilitate EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING, empowering participants through self-directed adventure and real-world action.
- We go beyond the false distinction between the PERSONAL and the PROFESSIONAL. We focus on both, together.
- We work with the WHOLE person. We emphasise the importance of HEAD, HEART and HANDS for creating change.
- We're the place where rigorous RESEARCH meets PRACTICAL reality.
- We know what SKILLS and ABILITIES today's Future Makers need in their personal toolkit and we shape our programs to build them:

  • Advanced communication skills and storytelling
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Community building
  • Creativity and collaboration
  • Design thinking and systems thinking
  • Influencing and enabling others
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Political understanding and creating change
  • Self-awareness and resilience

This year, we're evolving our award-winning Fellowship so it builds on our strengths and better incorporates contributions from our rich community.

We've learned a lot over the past decade. The 2018 Future Makers Fellowship will keep the magic of past versions while making it available to participants outside the city centres of Melbourne and Sydney. With a slightly shorter run-time (6 months March-August, instead of 8), more emphasis on our retreats - which have always been the highlight of our programs - and a reinvigorated format, we're confident 2018 will be better than ever!

How much time am I expected to dedicate outside of the workshops and retreats per week?

Approximately 2-5 hours per week; this includes preparation for workshops, coaching, mentoring and working on a collaborative prototyping project.

What if I have work/other commitments that oblige me to travel and I miss a workshop or retreat?

You must be present for the entirety of all retreats and a minimum of 90% of workshops; missed content must be made up on your own time.

What commitments are expected of me as a student of Future Makers?

Exercise a high degree of respect for others, apply honesty & openness in behaviour/communication, abide by group’s agreed ground rules, contribute positive participation throughout the program.

Am I eligible for concession?

An evidenced based concession fee may apply to health care card holders and/or those able to demonstrate with a statutory declaration, they are experiencing financial hardship. Please submit this documentation with your application.

This is expensive and I personally can’t afford it; what are my options for funding my Fellowship place?

Employer sponsored place, micropatronage/crowdfunding, private sponsorship or a low interest loan with zero set up fee thanks to our Community Banking Partner Bank Australia. Where financial hardship is a factor a payment plan may be request.

What is your policy regarding refunds?

Cancellations will be accepted without charge if CSL is notified in writing at least 30 days prior to the course start date. Additional circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please read the Participant Fees, Refunds and Cancellation Policy.

What digital requirements must I have to complete this program?

Basic computer skills, reliable computer with up-to-date web and video browsing software, computer web camera and microphone, Microsoft Office suite (or equivalent) and access to reliable internet connection, suitable for streaming video.

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