The Weekly Service is a community of people who gather to share food, participate in ritual, listen to readings, tell stories, sing, engage in discussions, and take time for quiet contemplation.  

The format of the service itself is a bit like one you'd find in a church, without a belief system. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of their religious and spiritual orientation (or lack thereof) provided they come with compassion and mutual respect. 

A collaboration between four CSL alumni; The Weekly Service provides a quiet space to slow down, play with new ideas, share stories of transformation, and re-connect with yourself, your local community and the world.

Imagined as a landing pad for alumni to continue the rich conversations and connections that develop during CSL programs. Their mission is to offer the experiences and information people need to re-imagine a life filled with more meaning, hope, love, and connection.

Primed on a belief that if more people are deeply connected to themselves, each other and nature, this planet and all its inhabitants will thrive.

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