Midnightsky, spearheaded by Luke Hockley, is a wonderful and long-term supporter of CSL’s and the programs since 2010. Bringing They bring wisdom, grounding and creativity to authentic leadership and communication learning. to so many participants and alumni of CSL.

Midnightsky is an arts company and consultancy that inspires its community to create the kind of world they want to live in. 

They do this through their artistic program and through the service offerings.

The artistic program is built upon a conversation with our community about how the world is today, how we would like it to be, and what needs to happen to create that kind of world.

It is made up of a range of projects that include performances, storytelling events, classes and workshops, podcasts, vlogs and writing.

Midnightsky also sell their skills in strategy, story, and performance to people, projects, and organisations that are doing good things in the world. This service offering includes helping you develop your strategy and tell your story, coach you as a presenter, and build you and your team’s communications skills.

Their vision is for a balanced, knowledgeable and self-aware society. Which is why the company aims to build cultural, social and economic prosperity for the community in everything that they do.


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