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George Alexander Foundation is a long term Partner of CSL. Through the generous provision of scholarships, they have enabled many future leaders to access the learning’s of participate in the our Fellowship Programs with the provision of scholarships..

George Alexander was a man of vision and generosity. His life story is a tale of achievement in the face of great odds and it exemplifies the ethos that has helped build modern Australia.

George Alexander created the Foundation in order to use his wealth in a constructive way.  Pragmatic and straightforward, George figured that you couldn't take your wealth with you, so it was better to give while you live. He was particularly aware of the obstacles he had faced as a child and his own lack of education, so he was inspired to help talented young people make the most of their potential. His years working on farms, together with Neta's involvement in water supply had given him an awareness of the environmental problems of rural Australia and he believed that much can and should be done to repair the damage that has been done to the environment since European settlement.  Even at the age of 97 he was taking steps to promote the future development of his property along environmentally sustainable development principles

The initial gift to establish the Foundation in 1972 was $30,000.  Regular gifts saw it grow to $250,000 in 1975, before reaching $1 million in 1987. His subsequent gifts, together with investment growth, saw capital rise to over $10 million during George's lifetime.

When Dorothy Scott was appointed executive secretary of The George Alexander Foundation and The Ian Potter Foundation in 2001, she worked with George to reorient the guidelines of GAF to better reflect George's own interests and ensure that it had focused objectives.  They agreed that GAF should 'focus solely on the environment and the education of talented young people'.

Under the new guidelines, the first major education initiative was the introduction of the George Alexander Foundation Scholarship Programs at Griffith University in Queensland and RMIT University in Victoria, marking the start of the Scholarship Program which is now the cornerstone of GAF's grant-making.

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