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Being a partner of CSL can look anything like providing funding towards a single participant scholarship up to enabling an entire program to happen. We thank our Partners, Supporters and Clients deeply for their collaboration, foresight and leadership.

Principal partner

As a Principal partner of CSL your investment could:

  • Craft a new program or project
  • Launch an existing program or project further
  • Create multiple scholarships in our open programs
  • Grow CSL as an organisation

Principal partners commit to an annual investment of $30k+ for a minimum of three years.

Founding partner

As a Founding partner, these organisations have been with CSL from the very beginning. They supported an international study tour of 100 leaders, enabled best practice program design and the delivery of the inaugural Fellowship Program—eventually spawning the creation of CSL.

Program partner

There are many ways to be a Program partner, such as:

  • Funding events like the annual networking night, alumni think and links or graduation celebrations
  • Include CSL in your organisations work place giving donations
  • Back the development and delivery of a program or small project
  • Enable further research into leadership for sustainability

Scholarship partner

Partners may provide community or staff scholarships to one participant or many.


CSL has an incredible growing network of Supporters who provide in-kind services and spaces, small public donations and alliances with like-minded individuals and organisations.


Clients come to CSL for help in creating change and enabling leadership for the future within their organisation and the wider community. Clients have the flexibility to mix & match the modes of leadership for sustainability learning, to build the right program for your organisation, staff and community. 

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