The Fugly Food Project

To raise awareness round the very real issue of food waste, specifically cosmetic food waste. 2015 Melbourne Fellowship Project

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There is nothing wrong with fruit and vegetables that don't look perfect.

Project team

Lindy Cook, Rhiannon Tomlin, Monique Halliday and Fiona Luth


The Fugly Food Project is a campaign aimed at raising awareness around the very real issue of food waste, specifically cosmetic food waste. Our goal is to let shoppers know there is nothing wrong with fruit and veg that don't look perfect. Why? The figures speak for themselves. Around $10 million worth of fresh fruit and vegetables never make it past the farm gate simply because it doesn't fit the supermarkets supermodel fruit and veg standards. In direct contrast to this, 1 million Australian’s go without dinner every night, half of them kid’s. Clearly there’s something very wrong going on here.

Being involved in a project that somehow involved with food was a natural fit for me. As a qualified Nutritionist, healthy eating, food security and how dietary choices impact our environment are incredibly important to me. To coin a phrase, I love (good) food but hate waste.

Our short-term goal is to raise awareness that ‘fugly’ fruit and vegetables are okay. We have trialed an Instagram campaign titled ‘The Fugly Food Project’ encouraging punters to upload their images of imperfect produce. We still need to conduct more research around this and establish strategic alliances to raise the profile of our project. Next up we are looking to create an on line platform linking to blogs, products and suppliers around food waste. We have bigger plans for the New Year - our aim is to feature well known ambassadors from TV and radio along with pop up activations in line with the Sustainable Living Festival to further promote the Fugly Food cause.

Our long-term goal is to influence the supply chain rules around fruit and veg. We want to see ‘imperfect’ fruit and vegetables become accepted as normal. It’s okay to be different, right? We want to see them widely available at all the supermarket chains and grocers, not thrown out before they hit the road. So my call to action to you is a simple one. Ask your local supermarket/grocery manager or farmers market stall holder to stock imperfect fruit and veg. Buy it, cook with it, tell your friends about it and share your photos with us on Instagram – The Fugly Food Project. There’s power in numbers people. We can be the change.

For more information, please visit or contact us via:

Phone: 0411125433



Instagram: @thefuglyfoodproject

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