Penelope Ward

Environment, Planning and Projects Lawyer, Clayton Utz.2015 Melbourne Fellowship


Leadership for sustainability means empowering individuals to be role models within their sectors, and equipping them with the skills to implement their projects.

What was the most valuable thing you got out of CSL?

An opportunity to explore different methods of leadership, and learn from a talented group of individuals passionate about sustainability.

Why are you passionate about sustainability? What was the moment or event that made you decide to become a ‘change maker’ in your field?

Sustainability has been a source of academic, professional and personal interest for many years. Growing up in country Victoria gave me a profound appreciation for the natural environment. As a lawyer, I get to see the application of sustainability principles across several industries and sectors, and am excited about the future of sustainable development both in Australia and internationally.

How did CSL play a role in directing your current path or project?

CSL provides the skills and resources to enable individuals to develop their leadership potential and design a sustainability project. Working with people from across the CSL community, including academics and environmental practitioners, was a privilege that has furthered my interest in sustainability.

In 25 words or less, tell us why leadership for sustainability is important.

Leadership for sustainability means empowering individuals to be role models within their sectors, and equipping them with the skills to implement their projects.

What do you plan to do next on your sustainability journey?

Explore the application of sustainability with the legal sector and the future of ecologically sustainable development within Australia and internationally.

What are three words you would use to describe the Fellowship Program?

Challenging, enriching and a great privilege.

Penelope can be contacted via Linked In: @Penelope Ward

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