Mikey Leung

Founder & Creative Director, Digital Storytellers. 2012 Sydney Fellowship

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I am passionate about sustainability because I want to see a better, more connected world for my children, my community, and for our collective humanity.

What was the most valuable thing you got out of CSL?

CSL helped me verbalise my identity of Storyteller, and set me on the path of working with others to embody the power of storytelling in social change. I remember one networking night where we had to write our name and think up an identity to inhabit that night. The word I wrote was Storyteller. That night it became really clear to me that the narrative of today and my ability to work shaping that narrative for others is what my work would be about in the future.

  Without CSL's guidance and facilitate, I wouldn't have given myself the permission to 'lead' others. Nor would I have been plucky enough to do so.

Why are you passionate about sustainability? What was the moment or event that made you decide to become a 'change maker' in your field?

I am passionate about sustainability because I want to see a better, more connected world for my children, my community, and for our collective humanity. Most of my 'change maker' desire came from my experiences in Bangladesh, where I came face to face with poverty and recognised my inability to effectively combat it as a single individual. So I had to ask myself how to work with and facilitate the journey of others in being the change themselves.

Why is leadership for sustainability important?

Leadership in sustainability is important because it represents the well-being of our society and the future health of our planet. It’s the stark realisation that we, as a species, are headed towards a perfect storm and that vigorous leadership will be required to change that.

How Did the Future Makers Journey Help You Clarify you Purpose?

It gave me a group of people to go on my journey with, who I still maintain contact with to this day. I guess you could call it a spark that said 'purpose is a potential you have permission to follow'. For me, this was going from being inside the audience to stepping onto the stage. You get a role model for how to be creative in sustainability but also in an organisation you create. It's about creating an ecosystem around you. To answer the question very directly, it gave me space and freedom to start a journey of pursuing purpose. 

What Kind of People Would You Say, Best Benefit from the Fellowship Program?

I think anyone who feels deeply in their soul, body, mind, and heart that there is something not quite right in the world. People asking themselves who see something that needs doing but feeling they have no power. People who need to disocover their power and go on that journey and evolving that journey. 

What do you plan to do next on your sustainability journey?

- Continue to develop my social enterprise and encourage my small team to discover the leadership within themselves.

- Commit to deepening my leadership potential by maintaining an active connection to my community of fellow leaders in sustainability and reflecting on that journey.

- Practise self-sustainability with accountability. 

On that note, however, I think self-sustainability is also important to keep in mind. I would say the next milestone for me would be more on the inner journey of sustainability, that goes along with having the outer journey of creating change. CSL started that all those years ago, being okay with saying 'I need to stop, reflect, listen and practice. 


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