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Our group explored the relationship between human connection and the social and environmental ills that we face in this world.2017 Sydney Fellowship Project

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Sharing your experiences can inspire others and help them to feel less alone

Project team

Miranda Siu, Casey Adams, Victoria Phantharangsi, Sarah Sannen


As a pivotal part of the 21st Century, Social Media came to the forefront of our conversations and we started to explore both the positive and negative ways of engaging with it, as well as the impacts that it can have.

The four of us each took on a different social media experiment in order to explore this issue from various angles in the limited time within CSL.

The key learnings from this project were:

  • Trying to form deep human connections with too many people too quickly burns you out.
  • Use social media as a force for good, but ensure you remain conscious of how much it is taking over your life and pulling you away from the moment.
  • Sharing your experiences can inspire others and help them to feel less alone



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