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Providing lazy (and maybe not lazy) environmentalists with a reusable alternative to single-use takeaway containers.2017 Sydney Fellowship Project

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We knew that convenience is key, For most a food container was one size too big to carry with them.

Project Team: 

Shannon Rootsey, Nanak Narulla, Andrew Bakonyi & Susie Bayes.


Good To Go started with a simple mission: to make a dent on the problem of single-use plastics in the takeaway industry. The objective was to provide lazy (and maybe not lazy) environmentalists with a reusable alternative to single-use plastic takeaway containers that was both cost-effective and easy to adopt (for consumers and businesses).

We were motivated to tackle the issue after seeing the new wave of interest generated by War on Waste, with many consumers now carrying KeepCups and looking to make waste-conscious lifestyle changes. However, we knew that convenience is key and whilst consumers might be prepared to carry a KeepCup in some circumstances, for most a food container was one size too big to carry with them.

Our project inspiration came from Go2Cup in Perth & GoBox in the US, who have pioneered new share systems which allow consumers to take their food away in reusable containers which they can then leave to be professionally sanitized and returned, ready for use by the next consumer - up to 500 times. We sought to test whether such a container reuse system could be successfully introduced in Sydney.

We conducted extensive research on existing models in the United States, and compiled a case in support of container reuse models, confirming that the intervention satisfies the triple bottom line when properly implemented. As part of our ongoing research, we're conducting a lifecycle analysis to quantify the environmental impact of a container scheme in Australia.

To augment the business case for the scheme, we've extended local networks and conducted consumer research. Good To Go participated in Waverley Council's event 'Bondi Unwrapped - Unwrapping solutions to take away packaging' in September 2017, and has received very encouraging consumer feedback through an online survey - with over 600 responses - which indicated significant consumer appetite for a paid reusable container scheme.

We have forged partnerships with a number of Sydney and Melbourne restaurants and food providers, with the intention of running a pilot to demonstrate proof of concept. Good To Go was awarded a $1000 grant from Awesome Foundation in October 2017, to go towards the implementation of the container reuse system, which will be channeled towards the capital costs of a pilot.

Stay tuned for news on the pilot and the future of Good To Go!

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