Active Future Search for the Future of Ecologically Sustainable Development in Australia

To identify and consult with industry experts and to prepare a research paper to form the basis of a concrete policy reform proposal. 2015 Melbourne Fellowship Project


Search for the future of Ecologically Sustainable Development

Project team

Paulo Chung and Penelope Ward


Based on a consultative process, this project aims to identify and consult with industry experts and to prepare a research paper (publishable in academic/ industry journals) to form the basis of a concrete policy reform proposal. The target audience for this project will be Experts (primarily academics, engineers, project managers) and policy-makers.

The key individuals from the following organisation have already generously provided their time and input into this project;

State Government of Victoria - Rod Bradshaw, Civil Engineer at DEDJTR (Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources) Regional Rail Link Project

Office of Environment & Heritage NSW – Erandi Samarakoon

Future Business Council – Tom Quinn

Co-Design – Hugh Adamson, Co-Founder, Program Design & Business Development at CoDesign

Centre for Policy Development - Dr. Peter Ferguson

For more information, please contact:

Paulo Chung - 0413 885750 or

Penelope Ward - 0401405978 or

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